Friday, March 4, 2011

Great Leaders Are Not Born. They Are Made

 This statement are strongly agreed because obviously, leadership cannot be pass by genes. A great leaders are optimists first and foremost. Their tendency is to interact according to Henry Ford's observation, "whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right." This is because the buck must stop somewhere and because the dynamic of authority dictates that all delegated authorities are themselves subject to authority, they understand that being a leader is far more than a title. There are a few qualities that represent a good leader, which is (courtesy of;

  1. Great Leaders are mission inclined and ensure the survival of the vision.
  2. Great Leaders are providers, oriented to whatever the individual or team cannot supply for itself.
  3. Great Leaders are motivated by the welfare of the team.
  4. Great Leaders are always ready to provide the tools necessary for achieving the goals of the team.
  5. Great Leaders have great integrity (wholeness, soundness) and assume the role of keeper of ethics.
  6. Great Leaders are consistently teachable. Information flows from the top.
  7. Great Leaders are always willing to step aside rather than compromise the team
  8. Great Leaders do not take control, but accept surrendered control.
  9. Great Leaders understand the awesome responsibility of guiding human beings. 
  10. Great Leaders understand the difference between passion for excellence and passion for power. 
Obviously all these traits cannot be pass down through a gene nor blood. It all  come from one's character and their own will on how they want to live up their own personality. A leadership cannot be forced into someone because it will bring no good to the person itself, and to the other person as well.

Some may have said that a leadership do run in the family, as it always been said, 'like father like son'. The
meaning is that, the child maybe inherit his parents' good gene. But if he becomes a great or successful person in the future depends on many factors such as his circumstance, his education and so on. So a successful father or mother does not means a successful son. Good congenital is important, and hard working after birth is more important. It all depends on how they are raised. Being great is not necessarily an automatic thing that will happen. A lot of kids of so called great people don't get the attention they need from that magnificent parent to turn out that way. Some simply don't want to be like their parents and do everything in their power to take the opposite route. Some get spoiled and take everything for granted.

As been said earlier,  leadership cannot be pass by genes. A lot of thing need to be consider as the contributor to those leadership traits, and it surely takes a lot of effort to become a admirable leader.


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