Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Top 5 Awesome Things

There were a lot of awesome thing happen around our world, for each and everyday.. But for me, there were 5 things that top it all, which is..

5) The smell of the rain
 - Have you ever smell the rain? It smell really fresh and captivating.. For me, that is the smell of the earth.. It can be some kind of a natural 'aromatherapy' for me as it will give out the calm effect..
     the mesmerizing rain
4) Listening to your new favorite song over and over again
- I'm sure all of us has done this before right? When you fall for that one song, it will stuck on your mp3 player list for quiet some day.. And you will put it on repeat until the point that even your friend will memorize the lyric and throw a tantrum on you because they has sick of hearing it over and over again.. Well, it happen to everyone right? :)
even the baby know how to enjoy a good song
3) Get to sleep after pull out the whole 'stay-up' thing for an exam
- As a student, I'm sure all of us has face the 'stay-up' thingy every time the exam or due date is around the corner.. Do you still remember the feeling of wanted to sleep really bad during your study in the middle of the night? Even during the examination, you can't avoid to think about how good it feels to be lying down on you bed with the fluffy pillow under you head.. Well, the feeling when you reach your room after it all been settled down are even better.. Nothing can be compare to those feeling of a deep sleep after all those hard work that you have been pulled off all night.
sleeping is the best medicine for fatique, EVER!
2) Realizing you still remember your childhood friend’s phone number
- Realizing that you still remember old phone numbers gives a great smile on your face...The old memory start to coming back as you remember dialing those digits, day after day, without having to read the number from anywhere..Making plans for the lake's hang out, grumbling about teachers, whispering about cute classmates, you just suddenly remember those moments..Those time, where hand phone is somewhat only those rich kid would have, and dialing your friend by using home's phone secretly, afraid your mother will scold you for using it for too long..All those precious memories, that will never be forgotten..
now, everyone got their own phone. so communication is no longer a problem!
1) When you manage to get ready super fast when there’s no time to shower
- Okay, I admit..Girls do take a 'little' time on getting ready..But the same case can be apply to the guys too you know?However, when some case occur, a person that usually takes up a lot of time for getting ready, can also be super fast at it..This can happen when you're late for an exam, class, or even date..With that said, its obviously that people need some push in order to be super fast on getting ready for some thing.. But, don't you think slowing up time for getting ready is a fun thing to do? :)
even the bird know how to take it's time to enjoy itself  :)
Well, that's my top 5 of awesome thing.. How about you???


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