Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home town

Penang is a state in Malaysia, located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Stalt of Malacca. It is the second smallest Malaysian state in area after Perlis, and the eighth most populous. A resident of Penang is colloquially known as a Penangite. There are many Historical Places in Penang such as Captain Francis Light, Bukit Ferringgi, Pulau Kasatu, fort Cornwalls, Convent Light Street. 

Penang has one of the most diverse food fare in Malaysia and at times, the food is so mixed with influences from the Indian, Malay, Chinese and Thai cuisine that it becomes unique to the island itself. To get to know Penang better, there are maps and trails that takes visitors through small alleyways and nooks & crannies where culture and traditions are still very much alive. The Chinese Operas held on the streets that mark certain festivals celebrated by Taoists or carrying of the Kavadi during Taipusam or even the Puppet shows at the Temples are for the people of Penang and by the people of Penang. The same goes with the food, and that's why the standards are good. Their most discerning customers are ones who have grown up on their food.


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