Friday, March 4, 2011

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

...imagine studying in an institution where no one has a voice at all. Each and every person is a robot that performs the will of the upper side people (i.e management people) of their institution. No matter how horrible the situation or how angry anyone gets regarding any issue, the management side will not listen to the students. Pretty scary to think about is it not? Well guess what, we practically live that way today. Our university's management could care less about the views that come from us, the students. Why? We do not vote. If we want our voice to be heard, if we want our issues to be debated, we need to stop our apathy and vote. Vote for the student that can be trusted to represent all of the student to fight for our right.We always sit back and complain about every single issue, yelling that the student councils does not represent us. The truth is, they are not entirely on faults, because we do on faults as well in this matter. Why should we complaining when we ourselves doesn't bid our vote, and choose the best leader instead them that doesn't give a care on what happen to the students' right and welfare. Instead of complaining, we should make a difference. More and more of us are starting to vote now more than ever, but it is not enough. We need to make our voice be heard. Give support to students' representative that listen to our voice. We can make a difference. Our voice counts. Don't let it be drowned out. Go out to vote, and do it, because our present and future life in the university depends on it.


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